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Seetha (Sample of Bride's Profile)

(Sample of Bride's Profile-Fake Profile)
Full Name as per NRIC : Seetha d/o Sreeram. Age : 25. Date of Birth : 25th Jan 1984. Time of Birth : 2.50 am. Home Town : Kulim, Kedah. Caste / Jathi : Gavara. House Name / Inthi Peru : Kandregula. Height : 155 cm. Weight : 50 kg. Complexion : Fair. Vegeterian / Non Vegeterian : Non Vegeterian. Mother Tongue : Telugu. Marital Status : Single. Education Level : Degree in Business Administration. Working as : Administration Assistant , Kuala Lumpur. E-mail ID : seetha_84@yahoo.com. Contact No : 04-4267356. Contact Person : Sreeram (Dad). About Me : I'm very simple girl, friendly, understanding. I'm looking for Groom (Pellikoduku). Age : 26 to 33. Caste : Any but Telugu. House Name/Inthi peru : Any but as mine. Height : Not too tall or shorter than me. Weight : Not too fat / Average. Complexion : Fair or medium dark. Vegeterian / Non Vegeterian : Non Vegeterian. Mother Tongue : Telugu. Marital Status : Single. Education Level : Degree. Working as : Permanent Job / Good Business. Smoker : Non Smoker. Drinker : Non Drinker.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ramakrishna Surathu

Full Name as per NRIC : Ramakrishna Surathu S/o S.V.Ramanuja Rao. Age : 36. Date of Birth : 13th Feb 1981. Time of Birth : 3.55 am. Home Town : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.  Caste / Jathi : Adi-Velama. House Name / Inthi Peru : Surathu. Height : 180 cm. Weight : 64 kg. Complexion : Fair.  Vegeterian / Non Vegeterian : Vegeterian. Mother Tongue : Telugu. Marital Status : Single. Education Level : Master of Computer Applications (MCA). Working as : Unix SME, IBM, Malaysia (Cyberjaya). E-mail ID : rsurathu@gmail.com Contact No : +91-9573021954.  Contact Person : Mrs. Savitri  (Mother). About Me : Peaceful, Simple, Honest, Straight Forward, Practical, Minimalist, Desires Less, Truthful mostly, Down to Earth, Not Money Minded, Not Materialistic, Values Relationships, Occasional Social Worker, Moral, Forester, Environmentalist, Meditator, Enjoys Silence, Self Knowledgeable, Spiritual, Self Reliant, Self Sufficient, Content, Non Superstitious, Logical, Reasonable, Sensible, Extremely Health Conscious, Long-term Predominant Raw Food Vegan, Open to Occasional Processed Food, Not Hypocritical, Lives in Possibility, Disciplined, In Acceptance with Situations, Computer Professional, Qualified Yoga Instructor, Weight Lifter, Rifle Shooter, Horse Rider, Swimmer, Free Diver, Runner, Gardner, Permaculturist, Natural Farmer, Tree Planter, Humorous, Friendly.

I'm looking for Bride (Pellikuturu). Age : 18 to 29. Caste : Any. House Name/Inthi peru : Any.  Height : Any. Weight : Any. Complexion : Any. Vegeterian / Non Vegeterian : Any. Mother Tongue : Any. Marital Status : Single. Education Level : Any. Working as : Any. Smoker : Non Smoker. Drinker : Non Drinker.

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